Carpet Cleaning & Steam Carpet Cleaning

Price Varies 2 hours

A fresh new fluffy carpet really makes a home. Carpets can be a significant expense but its not just the spend thrifty who want to get the most out of their investments. When choosing your carpets you will look at all kinds of different Textures, Pile lengths and Thicknesses. This can take a long time and when its finally decided your going to want to keep it as new as possible for as long as possible. Here at Julias Cleaning we can assure you that we know all about the different types of carpets and how they are to be Treated and Cleaned.

Julias Cleaning offers the best carpet cleaners in the North West London. Carpets need regular whatever happens, but if you’ve just had a spill the time to book is now, as the chances of removing it fully decrease as time passes. Most stains can be easily removed but there are some that can prove to be  more difficult no matter how many times you try and remove them yourselves. We can provide all the Professional Equipment and cleaning Solutions needed to remove stains such as: Wine, Fizzy drinks, Food, Dirt, Oil, Grease, Makeup, Chewing Gum and even Candle Wax. Our Chemicals are Powerful yet Gentle to the carpet’s fibres allowing us to clean without leaving any damages behind.

Our prices start at £60 and there is no time limit it all depends on how dirty the carpet. Don’t worry if you are unsure as we can refund or or inform you of any extra need upon assessment. If in doubt choose our medium level when booking.

We believe that our customers deserve the best steam carpet cleaning service in London, and we are always happy to go the extra mile or two to deliver it .

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