24/7 Out of hours and emergency cleaning in North West London

Call 07769693870
Call 07769693870


Meeting Room had a disaster? Bedroom more likely to raise questions than passions? No matter who you need to impress, we can help and last minute

cleaners for the unexpected


They are required to give 24hrs notice but it doesn’t always work out like that. Let us help keep things tidy between you and your landlord

night time clean


Whehther its for something in the morning or it just needs t be done right now, our low noise cleaners will get the job done

Because cleaning emergencies can happen any time

What defines an emergency? Nothing its completely up to you. Whether your washing machine has flooded your kitchen, or the last minute “dinner at mine” with the one who could be the one. Julia’s cleaning in London understands the importance of the need to access top-quality cleaners whatever the hour.

After hours sometimes means out of bounds when it comes to cleaning due to noise restriction policies. At Julia’s cleaning, we have the latest in low noise, powerful vacuum cleaning equipment, and our after hours and emergency cleaning staff are specially trained to clean quietly and efficiently to leave no noise footprint.

Typical scenarios include a botched job by another cleaning company on something critical like End of Tenancy Cleaning or a drinks spill on an expensive or new Carpet. Or it could be something less formal like a last minute date where you require your apartment to look its best, or in a commercial setting a last minute important business meeting that you want to ensure your business puts its best foot forward on.

There is an additional charge for Out of Hours cleaning, we have a minimum charge of £75 plus an out of hours charge of £25. Please note that due to the nature of an emergency cleaning call out, payment must be made up front prior to us departing to commence the work.

Whatever the hour, whatever the emergency: Julia’s Cleaning Company is here to help

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