How to Get Dents out of a Carpet?

Why do I get dents on my carpet?


You decide to shake things up in your front room. Perhaps a spiritual friend has told you that there’s more positive “chi” if you arrange things according to certain principles. Whether or not you believe you’ve moved that old sofa and then it really has breathed fresh life into the room. However, then you see it… the carpet dent, 4 of them in fact. The weight of the sofa transferred through its legs deforms the fibers of the carpet. The longer and heavier the sofa (and the people it has seated) the deeper and more infuriating the dents. Don’t worry though, they are reversible. Trusted cleaners NW London offers quality services at best prices.

How can I fix the carpet myself?

This depends on whether the carpet is synthetic or natural fiber, the First step check the carpet label:

How to get dents out of a synthetic carpets

Did you know that you can restore your carpet by using ice cubes to get rid of the dents? Follow these steps to remove marks from a synthetic rug:

  1. If its a rug or not wall to wall carpet protect whatever is underneath by spreading out some towels or a few old pieces of cloth under the dented areas on which you are going to work. They will soak up the excess water from the melting ice cubes.
  2. Fill the indentations with ice cubes. As they melt away, the marked areas will absorb the moisture. This way, the dents get swollen up by the water and will eventually go away. Of course, like with all carpet cleaning or maintenance solutions out there, make sure to do a spot-test first, so you can see how the fiber’s color reacts to the liquid.
  3. Leave the ice to do it’s magic overnight or for at least a couple of hours. The carpet fibres need time to absorb the water and puff up.
  4. Remove the leftover moisture by blotting the treated areas with a clean piece of cloth.
  5. Rub or fluff up the areas with a small brush. Once you are done, there shouldn’t be a trace left from the old furniture marks. Common synthetic carpet fibers include polyester, nylon, and olefin.

How to remove dents from a natural fibers carpet?

The answer is Steam.

  1. Put your steam iron onto its hottest temperature. After the iron is ready, apply steam to the area. Make sure to hold the appliance at a reasonable distance (around 10 to 15cm). Continue to steam the dented parts until the fibers get wet and hot. NOTE: the iron should never directly touch the carpet!! Contact us in case if you need 24/7 Out of hours and emergency cleaning in North West London.
  2. After you’ve moistened the area, let it dry overnight and fluff the fibers in the morning to restore their initial shape.


Get rid of the dents by using a professional carpet cleaning service

If all the above is a bit too DIY for yourself rest assured that with Julia’s any carpet cleaning service booked also comes with dent removal free of charge!

  • First, the carpet cleaning expert deep cleans your carpeting with a professional in London, high-grade machine.
  • To dislodge all dirt particles in between the carpet fibers, the technician ejects pressurized water, mixed with a special detergent into the rug.
  • While ejecting the water, a powerful attachment sucks the excess moisture from the carpeting, along with all of the dirt build-up.
  • What you are left with is a completely clean and dent-free carpet that is nearly 95% dry.

How to prevent carpet dents from furniture?

As you can see for yourself, dealing with carpet indentations isn’t a fun way to spend your time, that’s why prevention is key. Below, we have listed a few tricks that you can try out, in order to prevent rug dents:

Invest in carpet pads

Carpet pads have two major benefits – they make your rug even more comfortable and soft to walk on and they serve as a prevention method against dents. The pads help create an extra layer under the carpet that absorbs the pressure from the furniture, thus, eliminating the chances of marks, appearing in the first place. Commercial Cleaning Services will surpass your cleaning expectations, allowing you to focus on business.

Make sure to choose the type of pad, depending on the sort of rug you own. For example, a regular pad should have a thickness of between 6.3 and 11 mm and a density around 2.7 kg per cubic foot.

Use protective cups

This product is self-explanatory – carpet cups are small plate-like objects that you put under the legs of your furniture to protect your carpet. They distribute the weight of the furniture evenly across the rug pile, so it doesn’t get indented. The protectors don’t need any sort of installation, you just have to place them in between the furniture’s legs and the carpeting. You can find this product, made from plastic or wood, so you can choose one that’ll compliment the piece of furniture. checkout North West London Cleaners blog for quick cleaning tips,

Make sure to move your furniture regularly

As we mentioned earlier, carpeting marks form from the weight of the furniture, located on top of the rug. The easiest way to prevent indentations in your carpeting is by moving the furniture on a regular basis. Move the items about 2.5 cm every other month to eliminate the chances of dents forming. The only downside to this method is that it’s not that convenient if you have heavy and bulky furniture pieces


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