How to Declutter your Bedroom?


The environment that you live in does not just necessarily reflect your social status in life. You might never know, but what surrounds you plays a vital role in your mental health as well. If you would just come to think of it, you would never want to live in a messy and disorganised place. Instead, what you would prefer is to live a peaceful life in an orderly and a organised one.

If you were to live in an untidy room, it would bring you a lot of pain in the ass. First and foremost, it would likely make you feel frustrated. You would get so for the reason that instead of finding yourself sleeping after a long and tiring day, it would pile up as one of the many responsibilities you have.

Moreover, it would make you feel anxious. If you were standing in your room at the end of the day while your blanket and dirty clothes are crumpled into every nook and cranny, of course, you would start to have a panic attack. You would be out of your mind and confused as to whether the reason is that you are just over fatigue or you are raging. You would even start to feel like your room is closing in on you. Thus, the feeling of a sense of doom, depression, and desperation is what would cover your emotions up. Overreacting as what it might seem but that is what happens most of the time.

Love yourself as much as you love others

On the other hand, staying in a room full of calmness and safety is what any of you would always desire to have. A organised and decluttered place would be such a beautiful scenery to you. But sometimes, you would be fond of cleaning only the place where most of the people would get to see. When it comes to the corner of your house where it would not be that common for your visitors to be in, you might forget to give you best shot on organising it.

You might have seen a lot of decluttering ideas for your kitchen, living room, or even your dining room. But the room where you sleep in is somehow neglected. But you are reading the right article for you for here are some of the pieces of advice which would help you achieve a clean, clutter-free and organized bedroom.

Do you really need this? or that?

It is very common for a bedroom to become the dumping ground for your laundry, unpacked bags, and even crumpled blankets. It is even not a place for your visitors to see, so it may be the at the bottom of your to-do list to tidy up and declutter. Your bedroom should be a calm and peaceful retreat. Since this is where you sleep and relax, you have to be that minimalist and keep it simple.

In decluttering your bedroom, you should start cleaning your night tables, if there are any. Removing the things which needed to be trashed or recycled would then lessen the dirt and even the dust you get in your room. Doing the same for the tops and bottom of your dressers and other surfaces is also a must for you. If it were possible for you to have various containers with their corresponding categories, it would be of great help. Using these containers, you should place those items which are out of place or uncategorised as it seems in the catch-all bin.

Build good habits

When it comes to your clothes, you must have several hampers, especially for your dirty clothes and linens. In doing this, you must be disciplined enough always to return any clean clothes in your closet to not get your time and effort wasted.

Most importantly, washing your beddings, including the mattress cover, pillowcases, and bedsheets, should be your habit for at least once a week or twice a month.  You must get your pillows dry cleaned even at least once to twice a year to make sure they are in its best condition. Cleaning your mattress or replacing it completely through a vacuum could eliminate the mold spores and bacteria built up over the years.

Cluttered spaces, especially bedrooms, might be a good source of stressor for you. It bombards your mind making you unfocused. Additionally, it hinders you from being creative and productive. Nevertheless, despite the distress you get from these cluttered places, it would be such a great drive for you to change this negativity to positivity through giving your best and all. Aside from the previous decluttering guides, you would get to have the opportunity to generate your own decluttering ideas which best suit your personality.