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Our Mission

We will work with you to draft a contract that clearly outlines your cleaning needs as deliverables, what to do in the event of a problem and how we can flex the contract should your needs change. We find this often happens in the fast moving modern business world.

Julia’s Cleaning is an organisation that blends both the personalised touch of a small business relationship with the professional trappings of scalability and reliability

Domestic vs Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning has some differing fundamental requirements and skills when compared to domestic cleaning. A great domestic cleaning team can make for a disastrous commercial clean.

Commercial cleaning is often on a much larger space and requires tools and equipment to facilitate the clean in a timely manner. 

In a domestic clean more often than not 1 cleaner is sufficient, commercial cleans require a team of 2-3 or more each specialised in an area, such as reception area, washrooms, and office/desk space.

In an office health & safety protocol needs to be followed.

Why Choose Julia’s Commercial Cleaning Services?

In the modern business world, you know that it is essential to have an office that is spotless and is a show room for your brand and business. However its hard to find a cleaning company thats cares as much about your business as you do and even rarer to find one that can deliver. You need more than a cleaner, you need a cleaning business partner who you can trust to ensure your environment comes across as well as your pitch deck. At Julia’s Cleaning, we comprehend the cleaning issues that offices face today in London. We aim to to continually exceed your expectations.

From general office or commercial cleaning whether it be once a week or every day or whether it includes particular areas or tasks such as  office cleaning, hard floors cleaning and cleaning, desk tidiness, washroom facility cleanliness and sanitising, we offer commercial cleaning solutions for organizations of any size smb to enterprise.


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